Friday, June 29, 2012

PT: Day 32: Graduation


The words are having a little trouble coming out this morning.  I guess I can start with a comparison.

I didn't record the exercises I did in my first PT session.  I was too busy being down out about it.  But by appointment number 2 I started writing things down.  My first recorded PT workout:

Warmup Hip Stretches
Side Steps
Bosu Squats [I was doing these wrong the whole time - still haven't worked up to doing them right]
Wall Ball Abduction
Leg Extension
Balance Board
Cage Stretch
Side Lying Abduction on Ball

Yesterday's Workout:

6 min Elliptical - level 4 - 0.25 mi
Monster Walk with Red Band
Backwards Monster Walk with Red Band
Walking Lunges - 8 reps each side
Plank - 3 reps 20 sec each
Side Plank - 2 reps 20 sec each
Reverse Curl with Stick - 18 reps
Bosu Superman - 7 reps each side (this is technically called a Reverse Lunge)
Leg Extensions with Band - 20 reps each side
Side Lunges with 10 pound weight - 10 reps each side
Squats with 10 Pound weight - 15 reps
Bridges with Kickout - 6 reps
Glut Press - 15 reps each side
Okay.  I can't deny the progress I see there.  And I know I'm doing all these things with decent form.  Wow.  Faced with that comparison, I feel pretty proud of all I've accomplished.  I can say that it sucked more than words to have the scar tissue in my hips broken up and there were more than a few tears of frustration over the state my body is in....  But Wow.

At the end of my session, my therapist sat with me and we talked about the next step in a lot of these exercises.  Combining the Walking Lunge with a Reverse Lunge.  Strengthening my shoulders so I can lengthen my Side Plank times.  Using a Kettle ball (bell?) with my squats.  Finally getting my feet under the stick in a Reverse Curl.  That one I've promised to send her a picture of when it finally happens.

The biggest message she had for me was that I'm not done.  I'm never going to be done with all this.  My gluts are by no means strong; they just don't require physical therapy anymore.  I'm still compensating for weak gluts by using my piriformis; that's going to require a lot of squats and lunges and glut presses to remedy.  My lower abs...  there were no real words here beyond "reverse curl" and "c-section".  It's all going to take time.  Lots of time and lots of work.  But there is no reason I can't do this on my own anymore.

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