Thursday, January 12, 2012

Starting again.

In some ways I feel like I'm starting all over again.  In others, I know I've made progress.  But first, today's workout:

Warmup Hip Stretch
24 min on the Elliptical - Interval workout
2 min 0 resistance 4 slope*
2 min 8 resistance 8 slope*
*Repeat 6 times
5 min cooldown
2 sets of 10 on each leg Strengthening Hip Abduction
Cooldown Leg Stretches with Strap
5 min stretch

I maintained an average of 100 strides per minute the whole time I was on the elliptical.  I'm shocked that I was able to do that.  That is where I know I've made progress.  It's exciting and surprising.  I have been on the elliptical in a few weeks so the progress kind of snuck up on me.  For that I am extremely thankful today.

Out of my prescribed PT exercises, I forgot to do the Bridges.  I knew I was missing something, but the paper was in the car.  gack.  I didn't do the Hip Stretch or the Leg Stretches with Strap exactly right, but I have since figured out what I was doing wrong.  With the Hip Stretch, the hips are making the same motion (forward lunge with the forward foot up on a chair) but the upper body changes the stretch by lifting arms up in front, leaning to the side or twisting to the side.  I think getting that stretch right will just take time.  The leg stretch is going to take a little more work.  My legs just aren't flexible.  Specifically in one stretch, with my leg out straight, and me lying on my back, I pull the leg across my body.  My leg didn't want to go that way this morning.  It'll take a bit more work.

And after my workout I cried in the shower.

A few days ago I registered for my first 5K and was planning how to complete it.  I would do jog/walk intervals.  I brought a cute red skirt to wear over my winter running pants.  I was excited.  I'm still a little excited, but it has definitely been dulled by the last 3 days of appointments.  No more planning needed.  I will be walking my 5K.  My knees are going to hurt as we work them even harder to figure out what is needed to get through this issue in my hips.  I have to massage my IT Band to attempt to loosen it up.  That is more pain.  Self-inflicted pain.

The ups and downs are getting to me a bit.  I'm resolved to continue.  I've already worked out more regularly than I ever have before IN MY LIFE.  Huge accomplishment!  Everyday I continue is one more day of rewriting my life.  But today is a down day and I've got to respect that as well.  Everyone has them and I guess mine is earned with all the change going on right now.  We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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