Thursday, January 5, 2012

C25K: Week 3 Reboot Parts 1 & 2


5min warmup
90sec 3.6mph Jog*
90sec 3.0mph Walk*
3min 3.6mph Jog*
3min 3.0mph Walk*
*Repeat 2 times
5min cooldown
5min stretching

Tuesday & Wednesday: Workout aborted!  Virus took hold of my body and I was to busy fighting that to even CONSIDER working out.


5min warmup
90sec 3.7mph Jog**
90sec 3.0mph Walk**
3min 3.6mph Jog**
3min 3.0mph Walk**
**Repeat 2 times
5min cooldown
5min stretching

My plan of attack for the rest of this week is to keep resting plenty to get my strength back from aforementioned virus and complete my week 3 workout 3 on Saturday morning.  That will leave me a full day of rest before beginning week 4 on Monday!

I can't believe I'm excited to be moving on to more running.  It is really really strange, but I like that I'm working hard at something and seeing results.  That's the way it is supposed to work.  But it never feels like it does.  This feels good and right and what a great way to start out the new year!

Falling ill with the virus from hell on Monday and not emerging from bed until required by paycheck to do so on Wednesday, I rescheduled by orthopedist appointment for next week.  I'm still looking forward to finding out what is up with my knee, but in the meantime I'm feeling pretty well with all the additional rest I've been giving it.  That and the lack of sugar my diet has suddenly experienced after I threw out most of our Christmas cookies - i.e. little sugary delights of evil.  If you are wondering I'm blaming them for caving into the virus that wiped me out.

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