Monday, January 9, 2012

C25K: Hot Mess Success?

Today's workout:

5min warmup
3min 3.7mph Jog
90sec 3.0 mph Walk
5min 3.6mph Jog
2.5min 3.0mph Walk
3min 3.7mph Jog
90sec 3.0mph Walk
5min 3.6mph Jog
5.5min cool down
5min stretch

You may have noticed that there was never a reboot of workout 3 from week 3.  I fully intended to run on Saturday, taking my workout stuff with me to Atlantic City.  The lesson I learned was that not all hotels are well-rounded.  Ones with casinos in them might be even less well-rounded that normal.  After dinner my husband and I went looking for the workout room.  It costs $15 per day to use.  But I really wanted to complete Week 3.  So we walked for 30 minutes.  And never found it.  Two casinos, an adults only pool (I don't want to think about it) and a day spa, but no fitness room.

So I surrendered.  I followed me surrender with a small prayer that I would get up and on the treadmill on Monday morning with week 4 workout 1 in front of me and not DIE.  And you know what?

I didn't die.

I'm starting to think my body knows something that I don't.

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