Thursday, January 5, 2012

A Resolution of Sorts.

I've tried to exercise for weight loss before.  I've also tried dieting for weight loss.  I've tried combining the two.  I've tried cardio workouts.  Strength training.  Yoga.  Meeting with a personal trainer weekly.  Meeting with a personal trainer twice a week.  I once was a vegetarian.  The Atkins diet was tried.  South Beach was only considered.  The Mediterranean Diet.  Eating only organic foods.  Eliminating potatoes.  Drinking only water.  Weight Watchers.  Spark People.

I'm tired.  I'm tired of trying the next new thing or the old thing that every one else swears worked for them.  I sick and tired of seeing marginal results, feeling like crap and giving up.  Again.

I want this year to be different.  And every year to follow this year to continue the trend.  I want to be healthy and happy and feel good about myself and the HONEST EFFORT I put in.  I want to see results.  I absolutely want to lose weight.  However, more than anything else, I want to FEEL GOOD about myself.

Since I began working out in September, I've weighed myself a few times.  I can't say I was encouraged by the numbers, but I refused to take note of them.  I was starting out on a journey and they were not going to be the focus.  To support my ignorance of them, I resolved to begin taking note in the new year.  After my first workout at the start of each month, I will take note of the number on the scale.  I need to know what it is as it is the number I am most judged by in the health community.  Given the holidays and my wacky visiting virus, I didn't get around to weighing myself until today.

January is brought to you by the number 240.0.

I'm not sure what that number says yet.  I'm not sure how I feel about it.  But I said I would take note.  And I have.  Here's to resolutions and finding out where they will take you.

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