Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recovery Workout.

This morning's workout included:

5 min warmup on stationary bike
Warmup Hip Stretches
Hip Abduction (2 sets of 10 each side)
Bridges (10 reps held for 10 sec each)
Leg Stretches with Strap
2 min extra leg stretching

If you can't tell this was not a normal workout morning for me.  I might no talk about it often, but every morning it is a struggle to get out the door of my house.  This morning was an exceptional struggle.  I have a child who wakes up between 4:30am and 5:30am each day.  I try to leave the house by 5:15am.  I usually fail at this because of aforementioned child.  This morning was an epic failure.  I came back inside to brush my teeth and get my bags while my car warmed up.  While in the bathroom I stepped in poop.  Enough said.

Last night I showed my husband the bruises on my legs from PT.  I'm not sure that I'm okay with having bruises or not.  I'm calling the physical therapist today to check on that.  Regardless, he pushed me to at least get my PT exercises in so that I wasn't completely off schedule.  I headed downstairs and did get that.  I'm glad I did and I'm incredibly thankful for such a supportive husband.

Hopefully tomorrow will 'workout' a little better.  Haha.  I'm funny.  :)

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