Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Workout 120125

Today's workout:

Hip Warmup Stretch
3 min Treadmill Warmup
25 min Arc Trainer workout (level 1 - heart rate between 140-155 bpm the whole time)
2 min Treadmill Cooldown
5 min stretch

Ow.  I'm thrilled that I worked out today.  I'm also a bit concerned about how my back is feeling.  I was a little uncomfortable doing my hip warmup stretches, but it didn't bother me again until I went to stretch out my legs.  I sat on the floor and almost cried.  I can't sit on the floor.  At all.  I can lay on the floor with discomfort to stretch, but I can't sit without tears springing to my eyes.  Grrr.  I'm not pleased.  I'm hoping this is a passing phase of the physical therapy.  Driving and sitting (two things I do A LOT) are only mildly uncomfortable, but doing my PT stretches is almost impossible.  A little Ibuprofen and a few prayers and hopefully I'll be well enough for PT tomorrow.

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