Friday, January 27, 2012

PT: Day 3

Yesterday afternoon was my 3rd PT appointment.  Thankfully, my back had recovered and I was able to do all that was asked of me and learn a few new exercises.

Thursday's Workout:

Warmup Hip Stretches
Balance Board
Side Steps - I moved up to a higher resistance band.
Wall Ball Abduction - 20 reps each leg
Bosu Squats - 20 reps
Cage Stretch
Leg Back Extension - 20 reps each leg

Swiss Ball Bridges - Lying on my back I put both feet up on an exercise ball.  Then I do a bridge.  With my feet still on on the ball. 10 Reps.  I want to work up to holding each of the reps for 10 secs.  Right now I'm holding them 1 sec.  Sometimes.

Modified Side Plank - Lie on one side with the lower knee bent and the upper leg straight, supporting the upper body on your elbow.  Lift hip off the table.  10 Reps.  Goal is to hold the left for 10 secs.  ha.

One legged Squat and Place - Stand on one foot facing a stool (about 9 inches tall) with 6 cones in your hand.  Squat and place each cone onto the stool without putting the other foot down or bending foward too much.  Then Squat to pick up with cones one at a time.  Repeat on other foot.

Side-lying Abduction on Swiss Ball - 10 reps - This went much better this time.  Less falling down.

I'm starting to ask for questions while I'm in PT.  I've learned that an exercise ball is actually called a Swiss Ball and recovering muscles is all about teaching your brain to isolate the right muscle (your stronger surrounding muscle compensate pretty well).  I also learned about closed chain versus open chain exercises yesterday.  With closed chain exercises, your hand and/or foot stay stationary and in contact with something while the rest of your body goes through the exercise motion.  It's a neat way to think about how you move and what you are doing.  Examples of closed chain exercises that I do are Modified Side Plank and the One Legged Squat and Place.  I know that the Side-lying Abduction on Swiss Ball is an open chain exercise because I asked.  I'm not sure about the Bosu Squats.  I'm going to have to ask when I go back in on Monday.

In the meantime, I'm glad this week is over.  I look forward to doing more next week.  My goal next week is 4 days in with gym, 3 with cardio and 1 with arm workout and PT exercises.  I have PT two days next week as well.  To support the energy I'm going to need to do all that, I'll be menu planning on Saturday since we are out of town Sunday.  A lot is going on, but I really feel like I'm making progress and that is a WONDERFUL feeling!

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