Friday, December 30, 2011

C25K: Week 3 Workout 3

I did it!  Week 3 is complete!  Well sort of...
5min warmup
90sec 3.7mph Jog
90sec 3.0mph Walk
3min 3.6mph Jog
3min 3.0mph Walk
90sec 3.6mph Jog*
90sec 3.6mph Walk*
*Repeat 3 times
5min cooldown
5min stretching
I kind of fell apart today.  After barely making it through the first 3min Jog I determined that I could make it through the second one.  Not so much. I resorted by the Week 2 workout structure and was thankful that I made myself finish my workout.  Wow that sucked.

I have two theories.  The first is that my diet consisting mostly of coffee and Christmas cookies has finally caught up with me.  Body needs fuel to run fast and far.  While coffee and cookies are fuel, they are probably not what God had in mind when he designed the human machine.  You know, given that there are an abundance of plants and animals on this earth as alternatives...  *sigh*  If someone can show me a bush that produces red hots and

My second theory is that everything is harder on when you have your period.  I've never been one to workout so I don't have past experience to reflect on.  Maybe menstruating uses up some energy that I'm expecting to be available during me workout?  Again, this may also have to do with what i fuel my body with.  There are better diet decisions to be made when this time of the month rolls around in the future.

Combine my two theories and you have some very tired non-runner who will be repeating Week 3 next week.  I'm far from defeated by this week!  I just want to feel ready to move on to Week 4 and I don't feel ready yet.

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