Tuesday, December 27, 2011

A little time off.

As Christmas approached my time became the most valuable commodity I had.  As such, I gave myself a pass at posting my workouts.  However, I still DID MY WORKOUTS!  And I did them OUTSIDE!!!  These last two workouts are the first time I've ever jogged outside.  I'm happy that I've accomplished them and looking forward to doing a little more in January.  At least I know hope now that a 5K in February is not a irrefutable sign of insanity.

Wednesday, December 21st, 6am - C25K Week 2 Workout 2 - Tredmill
5min warmup
30sec 3.6 mph Jog*
60sec 3.5 mph Jog*
2min 3.0 mph Walk*
*Repeat 6 times
5min cooldown
5min stretch

Friday, December 23rd, 9am - C25K Week 2 Workout 3 - Outside
5min warmup
90sec jogging**
2min walking**
**Repeat 6 times for total of 21 mins
5min cooldown
5 min stretching

Monday, December 26th, 6:30am - C25K Week 3 Workout 1 - Outside
5min warmup
90sec jogging***
90sec walking***
3min jogging***
3min walking***
***Repeat 2 times for a total of 18 mins
5min cooldown
5min stretching
After Wednesday's workout, I was feeling good, but my right knee was not happy with me.  As such I've been babying it even more since them.  I also scheduled an appointment with the orthopedist.  I don't think I'm harming my knee, but the time has come to make sure.

I felt good after both outside workouts.  Friday's weather was much warmer and wetter than Monday's.   I haven't a clue what my actual speed was on either of these days because I haven't purchased anything to track me as I go.  My knees, ankles and feet seemed by hold up okay to running on the concrete sidewalks versus the treadmill.  In some ways I liked it better.  I could adjust my speed without pushing buttons or calculating anything.  However, I'm pretty sure I was going a little slower as the terrain required me to keep a closer eye on where I was putting my feet as I went.

I did skip my extra workouts on Thursday and Tuesday (today) to get more rest.  On the night before Christmas Eve I only slept 3 hours (the height of my holiday insanity) and determined that it was more important to spend the 2 extra hours sleeping.  Apparently my body needed it and more as I passed out at 8:30pm on Christmas Day and didn't wake back up until 6am, just in time for my run.

I plan to be back in the gym Wednesday - Friday this week, finishing off week 3 of C25K and getting a little additional work in on my arms and abs.  That puts me a great shape to 'make it through' the holidays without messing up my routine and close out 2011 feeling good.  I'm still working on my goals for 2012, but I'll have some to share soon.  Merry Christmas!

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