Monday, June 18, 2012

Even Keel

Today is my foot doctor appointment.  I also have some free time to do some sneaker shopping in the evening.  I'm planning for these two activities to realign my physical world and my workouts to resume tomorrow morning.  I packed my gym bag last night so I'm totally ready to go for tomorrow. We'll see how that advance planning works.

Monday, June 111403
Tuesday, June 121622
Wednesday, June 13 1571
Thursday, June 142130My kids got sick; dining under pressure
Friday, June 151627
Saturday, June 162055Father's Day Carry Out
Sunday, June 171541

Current evaluation:

  • Consistent Tracking: Spot on.
  • 1600 Daily Goal: Three days of out of 7 were within 50 calories of 1600.  While the goal is my daily target, I'm finding it to be a discouraging statistic.
  • Weekly Average:  1707.  That's more like it!  I'm totally good with this average.
  • Monthly Average: 1809. Again I'm good with this.  If the range I got from SparkPeople is correct, this puts my monthly average within that range to lose 1 pound per week.  I like the long term trend being established.
The thing I'm happiest with over the last week are my food choices.  One meal in each of the 2000+ calorie days is what pushed the total over my goal, dinner on each day.  My other meals on those days were just as they should have been; healthy options, low fat, veggies, protein.  I might have even eaten a little fruit at some point; I'm not a big fan of fruit. 

Both of my kids fell ill on Thursday within hours of each other and one of our relatives brought us dinner.  My husband and I orbited the kids trying to figure out what they would eat, taking temperatures, rocking and soothing while occasionally grabbing a bite of whatever we could manage in the moment.  It was kind of like a party buffet without the festive atmosphere.  I'm definitely learning that, when I eat in that mode, I overeat.

The kids are slowly recovering, but Father's Day weekend was pretty much cancelled.  To make an attempt at some celebration for my husband, I got carry out on Saturday night which included French Fries and Tzatziki Dip.  If you've never tried this combination, save yourself and don't start now.  If you have, you understand why I'm happy that I stayed close to 2000 calories that day. 
The other end of the spectrum are the days where my caloric intake was less that 1550.  There were two of those days last week as well.  I don't aim to be so low, but honestly it's not bothering me right now.  I wasn't hungry and I even ate dessert on those days to use up some extra calories.  I guess that is why the 1600 Daily Goal is bugging me a little.  The goal is good because it tells me when to stop for the day, but I don't want to make myself eat more if I'm just not hungry.  Also My workouts haven't been as ... well ... present in the past two weeks so I feel the lower calorie days are okay.

All-in-all, I'm happy with last week.  I look forward to the week to come with a return to health in my house and, hopefully, a return to the gym for my body!

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