Thursday, June 21, 2012

Low Point

Off schedule post...  I need to vent.

I've reached overload point.  Or overwhelmed capacity.  I don't know.  It all sums up to I am trying to do a lot and have stopped doing any of it.  The working out, you know about.  But other parts of my life are starting to suffer.  I was just looking at the nutrition data for Chick-fil-A because that's where we are getting dinner tonight.  I can't even consider cooking.  The thought of doing so makes me sweat.  And it is not even 2pm.  Then I have work, laundry, bills and ... oh yeah...  work.

I have to get to work.  But I also have to spend tonight doing some breathing and sorting out how I am going to get out from under the mountain of behind I have gotten myself into.  There is only one way and that is to tackle one thing at a time.  But which thing and when and the feeling of futility is starting to make me stall.  It feels like everyday I get a little further behind and there isn't an end in sight for any of it.  After all it is my life.  I'm not really looking for an end, you know...

This happens.  Life gets busy and things slip.  I've gotten off track and back on before, but I need to get on track soon before I derail more of my good practices staggering under the weight of catching up.  My husband says everything is fine and I just need to settle down.  It will all workout.  But I hate this feeling of crazy.  I just need everything to slow down.  Just for a minute.

Any suggestions when you find yourself behind?  What makes you feel like you can do it all again?

Hehee.  Mountain of Behind.  That's awesome.


  1. I like that turn of phrase! *giggle*

    To get out from behind, er, or to get things done, I start doing them. I have a running list usually (that I can't find at the moment), and start with one thing. Complete it. Do something else. Take a break, let life happen, then get something else done. It doesn't matter which one, unless the family has run out of underwear, or there's no food in the house. Shoot, some days if I get the plants watered and everyone's eaten, I'll call it good.

    Do the one that's niggling you the most, or the thing that will really only take a moment, if you pause and give it that moment. One at a time. You can do this.

  2. I totally agree with Lori. And I'd do one other thing first: reduce the list. What can you delegate? What just doesn't matter? How many things on the list are actually the "same" thing multiple variations -- cleaning house comes to mind -- when you think of them individually -- "sweep, clean toilets, blah blah" -- it looks overwhelming. Just decide the ONE thing that's making you the craziest and do it. Not to perfection, just enough to check it off the list.
    Above all, your health is first - the rest is just details. Don't skip your workouts, don't eat stuff that doesn't make you feel good.
    You're not alone. We all have times like this, and you'll make it through. Hang in there.

  3. Thanks Ladies! You're words of encouragement help so much! Yesterday taking care of the mail really hit the spot for me. I felt so much better after that. I really think the mail is my tell. If that gets behind, I'm starting to come apart at the seems.

    Through it all I have kept up my food journal and calorie counting. I feel very good about that despite the state of my house. But with that being my last standing good habit I started freaking out. If I broke that one too and then where would I be, you know?