Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Plantar Fasciitis

The doctor says Plantar Fasciitis which is an inflammation of the plantar fascia which runs long the bottom of the foot.  The treatment prescribed is not something I'm happy with.  Expensive shoes.  Limitations on the machines I can use at the gym.  Stretching.  Icing.  More expensive shoes.  And time.

I'm not particular happy with this diagnosis.  While it might be accurate, Plantar Fasciitis sounds like the thing they diagnose when nothing else is wrong.  There is no heel spur.  No bone spur.  No fracture.  No torn anything.  I have fallen arches, flat feet, heavy pronation, but I knew all that.  I will cling to the fact that there is nothing structurally wrong with my feet.  Much like the work I've done to be reintroduced to my gluts, I must get to know my feet.

I started last night by purchasing new sneakers.  I'm completely freaked out about how much money I spent, but so far they are feeling pretty good.  By pretty good I can say that they are like a breath of fresh air after wearing the old beat up pair I've been getting by with.  I tend to put up with bad shoes for way longer than anyone should.  I simply forget over time how good a new pair that is fitted for my feet feels, so I wait and wait and wait.  When I finally try on a new pair, I just about swoon over how good my feet feel..

Another part of pretty good is how these shoes don't let me stand like I'm used to standing.  I spend an incredible amount of time standing on the sides of my feet to make up for having flat feet.  These shoes don't let me roll my feet in (pronate) or out (supinate).  It's a very strange sensation.  My gut impression is that when I find myself standing on the sides of my feet again while wearing these shoes, it will be time to get new shoes.

These new shoes are Brooks Ariel.  I wore a Brooks brand shoe a few years ago to survive the havoc that my first pregnancy wreaked on my feet.  They were good shoes, but I remember them taking a long time to get use to.  I can feel that in these as well.  Maybe it is that they make me stand different than I used to.  I'm not really sure why they feel strange today.  Thankfully there is a return policy if I don't adjust to them over the next week.

So that is my foot story.  I'm not thrilled with the diagnosis, but I'm happy that nothing is truly wrong with my feet.  I'm spending today adjusting to my shoes.  Tomorrow is my weigh-in.  We'll see if I can get myself together enough to get to the gym.  Or workout at home tonight.  Wish me luck!


  1. Hi - stalker fan here...
    I know that diagnosis isn't what you wanted, and I hope it will prove to be incorrect, or a minor case, or whatever. Good shoes are so very important - I currently have Brooks Adrenalines and love them. They might make a huge difference for you. Good luck and hang in there!

    1. Thanks! And thanks for revealing yourself. I love having a new fan. :)

      My shoes were feeling more like mine by the end of yesterday so I'm very hopeful. I never got any sore areas, blisters or numbness so yeah! Who knows what will end up happening with me feet. I just know that I'm not stopping!

  2. Oh, Luck! I hope everything turns out okay.