Friday, July 27, 2012

Workout 120727: Inner Calm.

Last night my world exploded.  To be more accurate, the drainage pipe in my basement exploded.  Versus having a nice calm problem like the tub not draining, something has broken and the tub drained into the finished basement.  Presently the upstairs bathroom, laundry room and kitchen are off limits to all those who wish to use water in my house.  Thankfully (???), there is a second bathroom in the basement which appears to be on the other side of the drainage issue.

Given all that, I woke up this morning and determined that my optional Friday visit to the gym was not optional.  If I wanted a shower before I was due to be at work, I would have to find it elsewhere.  So I headed out the door.  My husband, the awesome and amazing man that he is, is at the house with the kids monitoring the situation and waiting for the plumber.  Even when I started working again after being unemployed for 9 months, I'm not sure I was ever this happy to have a work to go to.

Getting in a bonus workout is awesome.  However since I wasn't planning on being at the gym this morning, I pretty much stuck to the cardio machines and sweated out for a bit.  Today's workout:

30 min Elliptical - Cross Training 2
10 min Treadmill - 2.0 mph

This workout felt good.  My feet are a little tender, but that is more due to the new inserts I purchased to add arch support than the length of time on the Elliptical.  About 20 minutes into the program the machine told me to pedal backwards which I did.  It is much harder to pedal backwards than forwards for me still.  At that moment I did marvel at the progress I've made.  I remember in the beginning weeks how I was struggling to make it through my workouts.  Just completing them was an accomplishment.  I remember being proud every time I added a few more minutes.  It was a wonderful journey down memory lane in the middle life happening and shattering my calm happy place.

I'm happy this week is almost over.  I'm happy that I don't have to cook dinner tonight.  I'm exceptionally happy to have the time and resources to go workout while my house is falling apart.  Now if I can just hold on to that happy long enough to be able to use the running water at my house again.  That will be something to celebrate!

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