Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Considering Goals

Update on the calorie front:

Monday, July 161594
Tuesday, July 171615
Wednesday, July 18 1626
Thursday, July 191595
Friday, July 20 1809Dinner out at my favorite Mexican Restaurant
Saturday, July 211877Beer and Brie
Sunday, July 222065Family Dinner Gathering (chips and dips)

Evaluating the week using my criteria:
  • Consistent Tracking: I tracked every day! My Fitness Pal is still amusing me.
  • 1600 Daily Goal: 4 days out of 7 tracked were between 1400 and 1650.
  • Weekly Average:1740
  • Monthly Average: 1686 
Best part?  While my Weekly Average was up, my monthly average stayed stable.  Of my 4 criteria, Consistent Tracking and Monthly Average seem to be telling me the most.  I like that my monthly average isn't fluctuating a lot between weeks anymore.  Maybe I will aim in time to get it down to 1650 (my maximum daily goal).

As for my shortcomings this week.  Brie needs to come in 1 oz serving sizes.  An ounce of Brie is more calories than I expected and it's very hard to stop at just one ounce.  I might venture to say impossible when there are 6 more ounces just sitting there looking yummy.  Also looking back on my daily logs, I know there was more Brie consumed during the weekend, but I see no record of it.  Oh how disappointing!  I bet I went over more on Sunday that I think I did.  Shoot!  Why does cheese have to be so good?!?!?

This past week I did keep my paper journal and I even wrote in it a few times (maybe I should have written more about cheese).  I like having it with me.  I particularly enjoy sitting with a pen and putting down thoughts slowly with no ability to take them back.  I can cross them out, but they are still on the paper under all the extra ink.  There's something so nice about that.

One thing I did write was what I aim to do in the coming week.  This week my goals are:
  • Monday Wednesday, Saturday workouts
  • Eat 1/2 exercise calories
  • Roll legs (IT band) each evening
  • Blog in the evenings (versus in the morning)
Wish me luck!

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