Monday, July 16, 2012

Workout 120716: Arms & Abs

Today's workout:

10 min Arc Trainer Warmup - Interval level 3
10 Bicep Curl
10 Tricep Extension
10 Front Raises
10 Lateral Raises
10 Shoulder Press
10 Crunches on Ball
10 Back Crunches on Ball
60 Jump Ropes (27 consecutive!)
10 Bicep Curl
10 Tricep Extension
5 Swiss Ball Passes
30 sec Bosu Planks x2
15 sec Side Plank
3 min Elliptical - level 3
10 Bicep Curl
10 Tricep Extension
10 Modified Pushups (still about a foot off the ground)
15 Crunches on Ball
5 Back Crunches on Ball 
3 min Treadmill cooldown

I'm considering this Circuit Training.  It took me about 40 minutes and my heart rate it definitely up the majority of the time.  I love that I'm already able to jump rope much more comfortably than I was a week ago.  Very cool!  Side Planks?  Not so cool.  I'm really hating them.  I'll have to try to get 3 sets in on Wednesday towards the beginning of my workout.  Doing them more than half way in is a sure fire way to let myself out of doing them.

Today I tried to focus on arms and abs.  My legs are still sore from the lunging and squating on Saturday.  Not terribly sore, but enough that I convinced myself to leave them be.  I'm glad I did, but I didn't feel as even worked out as I did on Saturday.  That probably makes sense since I didn't work my legs.  :P

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