Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Workout 120711: Challenge

After three weeks of no gym and physical therapy ending two weeks ago, I decided it was time to meet with a trainer at my gym again.  I want to make sure that I am still challenging myself.  Plus it is fun to have someone to talk to while I'm working out.  I never cease to learn something.  Today was no different in that regard.

10 min Treadmill Warmup
5 Swiss Ball Passes (Lying on my back I pick up a Swiss Ball between my feet, lift it up and pass it to my hands.  With the Swiss Ball in my hand I lower my arms and legs back to the floor.  Then I reverse, passing the ball from my hands to my feet)
5 Bosu Squats
5 Bosu Reverse Lunges each side
5 Swiss Ball Passes (OWOWOWOW)
5 Modified Pushups
While sitting on a Swiss Ball with 5 lbs in each hand:
3 Sets 12 Bicep Curls
3 Sets 12 Tricep Extensions each side
10 Front Raises
10 Side Raises
10 Shoulder Presses
5 Back Crunches on Swiss Ball (Lying on the Swiss Ball on my stomach, I put my hands behind my head and lift up using my back muscles)
38 sec Bosu Plank (Elbows on Bosu)
30 sec Side Plank each side
2 min Treadmill *
10 Squats *
* Repeat 3 times
Wow!  That was a lot!  And I feel good!  The part that made me the happiest was walking downstairs to the locker room afterwards and my knees not hurting.  I was a little worried because I did have to cut the last set of Squats short.  I started feeling my knee pull.  BUT considering I did a grand total of 33 squats!?!?!?!?  That is huge progress!!!

I also really liked the Swiss Ball Passes.  Those are something I read off the Lean Green Been and had to try out.  They are hard and work my lower abdominal muscles which is the same area the Reverse Curls work.  However, I'm getting very frustrated with Reverse Curls because my feet are no where closer to getting under that damn stick.  In time, yeah, but I've been doing them for months.  I needed something new.  Happily I have found it.

A good work out was seriously needed today.  It was weigh-in day and I'm not happy, but nto unhappy either.  The scale showed a 0.0 pounds change.  For a couple minutes I was down.  Then I remembered that I'm coming off party weekend.  Plus last week was my first full week back at the gym.  It will all settle down.  AND no gain means I've still lost 20 pounds.  That is a good feeling.

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