Saturday, July 14, 2012

Workout 120714: Junior Fitness

Last week I pulled the new July flyer walking out of the gym.  There was a note in one of the empty squares of the grid.  Junior Fitness classes offered for 2-12 year olds.  See the day care for information.  The lower age limit immediately caught my eye as my oldest is 3.5 and there is so little that she qualifies to participate in.  Particularly activities that cost less than $15 for 45 minutes.

The day care is closed when I'm in during the week.  Hopefully most kids are still sleeping at 5:30am; I love it when mine are.  I actually remembered to call in one day from work.  On Saturdays, they offer a 2-3 year old class for 30 minutes.  I mentioned it to my girl and she just about passed out from excitement.  She's been asking to go to my gym with me a lot lately.

Bright and early this morning we got up and dressed for the gym.  She entered the day care like a pro, not even bothering to say bye to me.  The woman at the counter just smiled and told me to be back before 2.5 hours was up.  Obviously not a necessary part of that scenario, I headed to the cardio room.  Here's what I accomplished:

15 min Elliptical - Interval setting (I took a peek into the day care - nothing eventful)
10 Abductors with 5 count hold each side
6 Bridges with Kick Out
20 Crunch Bird Dogs - each side
40 Jump Ropes (took me two sets to get there)
15 Adductors - each side
10 Glute Press - each side
5 Reverse Curls with Stick - 3 sets
20 Jumping Jacks - 2 sets
10 Walking Lunges each side
10 Squats
6 Side Lunges each side (my knees were starting to be sore at this point)
20 Crunches on Swiss Ball
10 Back Crunches on Swiss Ball
5 min Treadmill walking cooldown (Plus I needed to peek in on the class again - they were in a racquetball court trying to dribble dodge balls.  It was sooo cute!)

After my final stretch, I headed to the showers.  Normally when I don't have to go to work I go back home to shower and dress, but today we needed to get to the market before is closed and the grocery store.  It was very pleasant to get a workout in, get showered and changed all while my daughter was happily entertained elsewhere.  What I didn't get to see was that the kids got to play Parachute (do you remember doing that in elementary school gym class?) and that was all my girl would talk about.  She loved that there was a purple section in the parachute and that is where she got to hold on.

Edit: I've retroactively joined in the Stop by Saturday blog hop over on Does this scale make me look fat?. The question posed was "What are your vacation plans this summer?"  My answer - the beach!  I'm so looking forward to a week away.  Funniest part?  I don't like sand.

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  1. My kids love the childcare at the gym (even though we haven't gone much!). Hmmm...perhaps I should get back to the gym!