Monday, July 23, 2012

Workout 120723: Circuit Training

Monday's workout:

10 min Treadmill
On Swiss Ball with 5 lb:
10 Bicep Curls
10 Tricep Extensions
10 Front Raises
10 Lateral Raises
10 Shoulder Presses
10 Crunches
10 Back Crunches
On Floor:
10 Abductors
10 Adductors
10 Glute Press
10 Reverse Curls
5 min Arc Trainer
Repeat Swiss Ball & Floor exercises
5 min Treadmill Cooldown

Monday I simply felt tired.  This weekend I felt tired.  I didn't push as hard as I'd have liked to in this workout.  I'm not sure what was up with my energy level.  Actually that is not completely true.  Maybe it is more accurate to say I'm not sure if I want to address what is up with my energy level.  More water.  Less coffee.  More sleep.  These are the keys to getting some bounce back in my step.  But it is hard to do.  I like my coffee.  I like sitting up chatting with my husband or goofing off on the internet in the evenings.  Bleck.  These are grown up decisions.  I want kid decisions back - like would you like whipped cream or marshmallow fluff with that?

The one thing about this workout - my heart rate didn't stay up.  My feet weren't feeling great so I stayed away from the jumping.  No jump rope or jumping jacks.  With those, my heart rate drops back to normal-ish pretty quickly (improvement!!).  My understanding is that that means the calorie burn rate drops.  I definitely want to keep that up!

For the rest of this week I'm going to work on having shorter strength training intervals.  Or mixing in the strength exercises which do get my heart rate up (lunges, planks) more often.  While I'm by no means in good shape yet, I am starting to understand how people could get frustrated going to the gym everyday and not seeing results.  It's hard to stay motivated and creative.  I'm always balancing what the restrictions of the shape I am in as well as the progress I've made.  Plus...  I really hate the bike.  It is soooo boring to me.

Another goal this week - roll my IT band each night.  I've been lax about this and I'm starting to feel it.  Not good!  My knees will thank me later.

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