Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Crabs and Beer

I've felt good this past week.  Exercise has been reestablished.  I've recommitted to our weekly meal planning and am cooking at home more often.  I actually have a plan in place to use all our CSA vegetables this week.  The past two weeks I've had to toss more than I'd like.  This week I'll have room in my crisper drawers when we pick up our share on tomorrow.  Woohoo!

Monday, July 21648
Tuesday, July 31588
Wednesday, July 4 1427I would have gone over on this day (or come a lot closer), but my lunch spoiled.  After tasting it, I had no appetite.
Thursday, July 51764Pomegranate Martini!
Friday, July 61438super low-cal diner: Polenta and Swiss Chard
Saturday, July 7---Family Party (honestly - it was too hot to do more than snack but I did fit in a slice of rhubarb strawberry apple bread.  Sooo good!)
Sunday, July 8---Recovering from Family Party (pizza and salad day)

  • Consistent Tracking: Two days not tracked.  My family's annual Fourth of July party is pretty much untrackable.  That's not totally true, but I'm okay with not having tracked it.  I did try to make good decisions (like a salad with very little dressing after 2 slices of pizza at lunch).
  • 1600 Daily Goal: 4 days out of 5 tracked were between 1400 and 1650.
  • Weekly Average:  1573
  • Monthly Average: 1690
Check me out!  *smile*  I'm pretty pleased with this past week.  I felt good and didn't struggle with food all that much.  I contemplated trying to track at my family's party, but decided not to.  I knew I'd had a good week and my exercise was where I wanted it to be.  I simply enjoyed the party.  The best part was standing around the back of a truck eating freshly caught and steamed blue crabs with a cold beer.  Mmm.  Nothing, nothing, says summer like steamed crabs and beer.

I also adjusted my range around my daily goal.  On my tracking post last week, Heather commented that going under isn't a bad thing.  Thinking more about it I put the lower limit on my calories because I didn't want get in the practice of eating too little.  However, that is not usually my problem.  I tend of overeat.  For my 1600 Daily Goal, I'm going to continue forward with the upper limit of 1650, but use a lower limit of 1400.  I'm okay with this especially considering the two days above where I would normally have been outside of my range.  I wasn't going hungry either of those days.  It can be a good thing.

My biggest surprise this week is how my Weekly and Monthly averages dropped again.  I am positive some of that has to do with not tracking two days, but I've not tracked before and had the averages stay high.  I'm steadily trending down!  That is a very good thing.

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