Monday, July 30, 2012

Workout 120730: Overslept

The alarm clock went off.  I remember being annoyed.  I turned it off.  I did not wake up.  The extra sleep was glorious.  I needed it.  However, when my 3 year old came in to wake me up at 6:15am, I still needed to get to the gym and I so didn't want to.

But I did:

25 min Arc Trainer - Interval level 3
5 min Treadmill - 2.0 mph

I wore my heart rate monitor again today.  It told me that I burnt 647 calories with an average heart rate of 147 bpm and a maximum of 173 bpm.  MFP says 394 calories were burnt.  I am really rooting for the HRM.  It would be awesome if that extra burn was real!

Apparently, the signal the HRM sends out to communicate with my watch works on a lot of the exercise machines at the gym.  It was strange to not be holding onto the machine and have my heart rate show up on the machine's display.  The first strangeness - the rates were not the same.  The machine was usually 2-3 bpm faster than the watch.  If both readings are coming from the monitor around my chest, I'm really not sure what to make about that.

The second strangeness...  This happens without me doing any pairing or modification of my equipment at all.  It occured to me that someone else's heart rate monitor could be talking to my machine or watch.  OR my heart rate could be displayed elsewhere.  That was strange to think about for more than 5 seconds.  I'm very curious what the range of the HRM is now.  Also, if this is some type of universal signal maybe there is an app for my phone and I can entirely bypass the watch.  That's an exciting thought.

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