Monday, May 28, 2012

Workout 120528: Tears of Joy

Today I repeated the trainer workout from last week.  It felt good.  Very few twinges, though I did have to take it slow on the stairs when I was going between the circuit and cardio rooms.  I think I most liked that I worked up a sweat while going through a wide range of motions.  I wasn't just one the elliptical for 30 minutes straight.  Not that I won't still be doing that.  I just think it would be mind-numbing to do it every day.

I don't have PT this week so I'm headed to the gym everyday.  Tomorrow will be a long cardio workout. I meet with the trainer on Wednesday to try out another strength routine.  This one will be more inline with what I've been doing at PT most likely.  I asked for that as I'm not having PT this week.

But none of that was what moved me to tears.

At the end of my workout, I laid down to stretch my legs.  Glut Stretch.  IT Band Stretch.  This Figure Four Stretch the trainer showed me.  It stretches the same muscles (or close to the same muscles) that seem to be aggravating my coccyx.

Then it occurred to me to me to try a back massage.  Or tummy massage.  It is something we did in Yoga.  You pull your knees into your chest and then circle them around.  Being that you are on your back it massages the back and the stomach.  It is supposed to feel great, but I'd log written it off because of the scar tissue in my hips.  Everything was just too sore.  It hurt too much.

This morning it didn't.

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