Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting my Butt Kicked

This morning I met with my trainer (it sounds sooo cool to have a trainer) and here's what we did.

10min Treadmill warmup
25 Swiss Ball Crunches
12 Swiss Ball Bridges
5 Swiss Ball Bridges bringing Legs In (meaning: do a SB Bridge; while still bridged bed knees to pull feet in; then extend out and lower back to the ground)
12 Swiss Ball Bridges
5 Swiss Ball Bridges bringing Legs In
20 Bird Dogs (10 each side)
2 Planks with arms on Bosu - 30 sec hold each
Side Planks with arm on Bosu - 25 sec hold each side
12 Hip Extensions
12 Dirty Dogs (this one is funny - it works the Gluteus Medius/Minimus and the motions is pretty much a dog lifting it's leg against a fire hydrant)
12 Hip Extensions
12 Dirty Dogs
12 Adductors
Arm Work - All exercises done on Swiss Ball with 5lb weight in each hand:
Front Raise
Side Raise
Shoulder Press
Bicep Curl
I felt pretty low going into the gym this morning.  My husband and kids were all up during the night and I'm the only person who wakes up every time someone else wakes up.  All I can say is at least they all went back to bed easily and I got 3 solid hours of sleep before my alarm went off. I was concerned about keeping up my energy during me workout.

Turns out I had nothing to worry about.  With every exercise I felt a little better.  It felt really good to get moving this morning and try some new things.  I also had two major accomplishments.  One - Check out the 30 sec planks!  That's my longest since removing the knee bent modification a few weeks ago.  Maybe by the end of June I'll be able to do a plank without any modification.  That would be seriously amazing.

My second accomplishment was going to the gym in my running pants.  Back when I thought I was going to run 5Ks this year, I bought an awesome pair of Under Armour running pants.  Given my size I had to buy a Mens XL to fit my butt and I was only willing wear them with a very long shirt or short skirt.  I just felt like there was too much of me showing in those tight pants.

However, in the past month, all my workout clothes have been starting to sag and some are impossible to workout in they are so loose (sooo awesome!).  A friend suggested I wear the running pants.  I tried them on last night thinking there was no way I was wearing them to the gym.  I'm not into showing off my body at the gym.  And those pants were still tight.  Then I noticed my XL t-shirt (just started wearing XL in the past month as well - down from a 2X - Woohoo!) now fits comfortably around my hips!!!  No stretching or pulling at all.  That means a good portion of my butt is covered and the outfit doesn't look immodest at all!  In fact, I might even be looking a little cute.  :)  Very very cool accomplishment.  And it felt much better to workout in pants that fit.

Update 120604: Added Arm Work


  1. Awesome accomplishments! Well done.

    1. Thanks! The pants were such an success that I plan to go shopping this weekend for another pair. I'm thinking capris might be in order. The gym is awful warm in the mornings. :)