Tuesday, May 8, 2012

PT: Day 25

Monday's work over:

6 min Elliptical - Level 4
Monster Walk with Band (black)
Side Steps with Band (moved up to the black band for side steps - ow!)
Assisted Squats - 10 reps (12 pounds of assistance)
Bosu Planks - 3 reps for 15 sec
Slightly-Less-Modified (SLM) Side Planks - 2 reps each side for 15 sec
The Superman - 20 reps each side
Cage Stretch

This all looks a new and interesting, right?  It's been two full weeks since I wrote up one of my PT sessions.  Long overdue!  The sessions have been challenging, but I'm making progress quickly.  I guess that is why my therapist feels the need to continue challenging me.  *sigh*

Recent additions to the routine include:

Monster Walk with Band - the band goes around my ankles like it does in the Side Steps.  Then I bend my knees and stomp down the track with my feet at least hip width apart and never straightening my legs.  It's hard, but fun.  Sometimes I growl.

The Superman - I made up the name for this one.  I stand facing a counter with one foot bent, toes resting on a Swiss Ball behind me.  Then I bent the knee supporting my weight and lower.  The leg on the ball stretches back, rolling the ball with it.  I put my weight in my heel to stand back up again.  This is possibly my favorite exercise.  It is tough but the stretch in my hips feels fantastic.

Easily the hardest thing I'm doing is the Assisted Squats.  I started out doing them with 40 pounds of assistance and am down to 12 pounds.  The hardest part for me is releasing my tail bone so I can hold proper form while still being able to get back up.  My understanding is that my gluts are still too weak to perform squats properly.  That will be my graduation test.  Do a set of squats in proper form without assistance.  Then I can be on my own.

You caught that, right?  I'm 12 pounds of assistance away from being released from physical therapy.  Wow.


  1. Monster Walk made me giggle. I'd growl too.

    1. You should try it! Preferably in a public place. It is much funnier when you get to observe the responses of the people watching you stomp and growl. :)