Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Workout 120516: Strange Morning

Wednesday's Workout:

30 min Elliptical - Hill Climbing
5 min Treadmill cool down
Hip Abductors - 2 set 15 reps each side
Bridges - 2 sets 10 reps 5 sec hold
Reverse Curls - 2 sets 10 reps
Bird Dogs - 15 reps each side

I arrived at the gym early today.  The woman I usual chat with wasn't there.  She's there almost everyday, but she wasn't this morning.  That's happened before; it was really just a passing observation.  Then a high school age girl started jogging on the treadmill to my left.  Pretty unusual.  At 6am there are pretty much never high-schoolers in the gym.  And then another one showed up.  I checked my phone concerned that I'd somehow gotten the time wrong.

I finished my cardio workout and headed out to do my strength stuff.  Nothing unusual there.  I felt good.  I was able to do all my exercises without pain.  My energy did dry up towards the end so I skipped my last five bird dogs on each side, but I'm still up from last time.  :)

Downstairs in the locker room, there was the whole female side of a family getting ready for their day.  I said good morning and showered and changed.  But strange!  Things I didn't even realize were part of my routine are very definitely part of my routine.  The lady I talk to each day.  The lack of high schoolers.  An empty locker room.  I wonder if I'm getting stodgy.

Thankfully I'm at work now.  A little early.  Let's hope the odd feeling this day has taken on starts to fade a little.

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