Thursday, May 24, 2012

Workout 120524: Cravings

Thursday's workout:

30 min Elliptical - Cross Training 1
5 min Treadmill Cooldown

I woke up this morning with sore abdominal muscles.  Go figure.  :)

But I made myself go to the gym.  And I didn't just "dial it in."  Apparently when you moving out of the Interval and Weight Loss setting on the Elliptical, it tells you to Pedal Backwards as certain times in the training.  WOW!  That was hard!  I was able to keep up my intensity through the whole workout, but I couldn't do the prolonged periods of backward pedaling the programs directed me to.  Each pedal Backward chunk for me was about 2 minutes and then I would start going forward again.  It was a very different movement.

As I left the gym, I started to review my day.  The fourth Thursday of each month my team at work goes out to lunch.  I needed to stop and get money.  As I'm going out to lunch I have my breakfast muffin in my purse and would eat that when I got into the office.  During all this intense planning, I developed a down right obsessive craving for a egg and cheese biscuit with a side of hash browns.  I'm not sure which I was more obsessed with, but my mouth was watering and my stomach rumbling.  For the rest of my 10 min drive it was all I could think about.

I hate to pay ATM fees, so I know all the places locally where I can get cash without paying extra for the 'convenience'.  The first plan I developed had me driving past a Chick-Fil-A.  They have great biscuits.  No good.  Then I started to wonder if you could get cash back at Panera.  I eat their Mediterranean Egg White without Cheese at least once a week.  Better but still not in my plan for the day.  I'm planning on eating that breakfast tomorrow.  Finally I settle on Giant.  I walked straight to the Iced Tea case and picked out the one variety of tea that is truly unsweetened.  Then I paid with my debt card and got cash back.

Whew.  Mission Accomplished.

But really?  Did it need to be that hard?

Most days I'm fine.  Really I am.  I don't have this internal strength to turn aside all cravings.  I just don't get the cravings all the time.  And, in general, I make room for foods that satisfy my cravings.  Like the 5 tortilla chips dipped in queso from a few weeks back.  However, eating 1000 calories for breakfast on a day when I'm going to go out to lunch is really a bad idea.  There's no negotiating with a craving like that.  I don't know where the craving came from but damn it was strong.  It almost took away my happy over getting myself out of bed and to the gym.

Almost but not quite.  I won this time.  :)

Unsweetened Iced Tea in hand, I at my Savory Breakfast Muffin at my desk as planned.  Who know what I'll order for lunch, but at least I know I started the day out right.  Whew.

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