Monday, May 21, 2012

Workout 120521: To Summarize

Monday morning workout:

30 min Arc Trainer (Interval level 3)
5 min Treadmill cooldown

There's a lot going on and this weekend I really wanted nothing to do with my computer.  I unplugged at 5:30pm and didn't return until Monday.  It was good.  And busy.  But that is life, right?

There are a few things I've been wanting to write about, but haven't had the time or focus or something to sit down and knock out the story.  So in the interest of not forgetting them I'm going to summarize.

I can do squats!  I might mentioned it earlier, but it is pretty awesome.  So I'll say it again.  I can do squats!!!  Right now it is just me and a spotter (or bench to catch me if I fall down), no additional weights.  But did I tell you?  I can do squats!

As such, PT is finishing up.  I am down to one appointment per week until the end of June.  I'm absolutely terrified about this.  I should be delving into those feelings and figuring it out, but I'm just scared.  I takes a lot of energy to power through this fear and will require even more to deal with and dispel it.  I will have to do that.  I'm not ready.

Last week my knees started hurting again.  My therapist says that it is a flare up and I'll work through it.  She put some magic pink tape on my legs and one of my knees felt better.  Maybe all my fear is manifesting itself as leg pain.  Either way the bright pink tape helped and I felt a bit better.  Until I started itching.  Apparently I'm allergic to the adhesive they use on the tape.  Hopefully it worked enough magic to last for a bit because I still have hives from where it was stuck to my skin.  Grr.

To help with the transition from PT monitored strength work to going it alone, I've enlisted a personal trainer.  My husband purchased me 3 personal training sessions for Christmas to get assistance with training for running a 5K.  When that didn't pan out an I ended up in PT, I wasn't sure when I would use them or how.  Five full months later I am so thankful that I have these visits.  I meet with my trainer for the first time on Wednesday.  She runs a boot camp on Tuesday and Friday.  I don't know that I'll be up for that, but she'll probably be the best person to tell me.  We'll see.

Wish me luck.  Hopefully I'll have time to week to elaborate a little on all my neuroses; but, if not, be assured I'm just building up for killer stories later on.  *sigh*

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