Monday, March 26, 2012

Workout 120326: Tight on Time

Today's workout:

Hip Warmup Stretch
25 min Treadmill (3.0 mph hill setting)

These days I have two alarm clocks set.  One is a standard alarm clock which I have set to play some random radio station at 4:50am.  The second is my cell phone.  It is set to yell at me at 5:15am if I am not yet out of the house.  I take the yelling as congratulations if I am already in the car when it goes off.  That was not how I took it this morning.  This morning I woke up to my cell phone.  *sigh*

But I got up and got to the gym and got in a slightly abbreviated workout!  This afternoon is physical therapy and I feel pretty good going into this week.  I'm hoping to see continued improvement.  If nothing else, my attitude is good.  Maybe that translated to physical health...  Let's hope.

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