Thursday, March 8, 2012

Workout 120308: Schedule Constraints

Today's Workout:

20 min Arc Trainer
5 min Recumbent Bike
5 min stretch

The alarm went off at 4:55 am this morning.  I heard it within 5 minutes.  The buzzer is really a random radio station.  Loud enough to permeate my consciousness; quiet enough for my kids not to hear.  All would have been well with the morning had my hand not immediately found the snooze button.  After 2 snoozes I realized that I was late and drug myself out of bed to get on with the day.

This wouldn't be such as issue if it weren't for another of my little resolutions.  Much like managing money, there is a set amount of time in each day.  I tend to lag behind on a task now telling myself that I can make it up later.  Hit the snooze button.  Workout just 5 more minutes.  Dally in the car checking my email.  Pack lunches tomorrow morning.  Skip swapping the laundry just tonight.

But I can't make it up later.  Later gets later and later until I'm not getting to the gym at all and my husband has run out of underwear.  I have to stick to my schedule.  More importantly I must stop borrowing time.  That is my not-so-little resolution.  Stop owing myself.

So I got up late today and headed to the gym late.  But once there, I exercised my heart out until 6:15am which is my scheduled time to begin stretching.  At 6:20am, I was in the shower.  By 7am, I arrived at work.  On time!

Maybe I missed out on a bit more exercise.  But maybe, just maybe.  I'm a little more present in the day today.  Knowing that I'm caught up.  Thinking about the task at hand instead of adjusting to make up for the delay.

And that signals the end of lunch.

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