Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Workout 120228: Attitude Adjustment.

Today workout:

Hip Warmup Stretches
28 min Treadmill (top speed 3.2 mph; total dist 1.3 mi)
Hip Abductors - 20 each leg with a 30 sec hold on the 10th lift
Bridges - 10 reps with a 5 sec hold
Butt Muscle Stretch
IT Band Stretch
Hamstring Stretch
Butterfly Stretch

This morning was about as close to perfect and I could hope for.  I woke up on time at 4:50am.  I packed lunches and made it out the door without any toddler interference.  Arriving at the gym by 5:30am, I walked on the treadmill until 6am.  At 6am I headed downstairs to do my PT exercises and stretch.  At 6:15am, I headed to the showers.  By 6:45am, I was in my car headed to work.  On time!!!  It really does make a difference getting up in the morning on time.  I just need to get better at it.

As I was walking this morning, I thought about my running goal.  I have really been down about not meeting that goal.  REALLY DOWN.  The demotivating kind of down that makes it hard to get out of bed and do anything.  Some might say depressed.  I want my body to be better and I want it to be better now.  But I can't have that.  It's something I have to accept and deal with.  NOW.

So as of today, I am through with that goal.  I completed a 5K.  I know I can do that.  I have independent verification proving that I can do that.  Goal met.  I made that goal while trying to find an intermediate step in my 100 pound journey.  Looking at 100 pounds as a goal is too much.  It's too long and too hard.  I need another goal.  A smaller goal which still gets me in the right direction.

I don't know what that is yet.  I'm going to workout 5 days this week, either in the gym or at PT.  When my brain is idle I'm going to think on what I'm doing and come up with something.  Some motivating goal to get me through the next 2 months or so.  I'm thankful I have this time.  I'm hopeful that I can get better and reach my longer term goals.  I love that I've got this challenge to overcome.  This is something I can do.


  1. I hope you're still joining us on the MS 5K! We can take it at a stroll--haven't run since I got sick, and it's not going away fast enough.

    1. I am definitely still walking the MS 5K! I'm looking forward to it. Right now, I'm just accepting that my goal is not to run, but to get better.