Tuesday, February 21, 2012

PT: Day 9

Monday's workout:

6min Elliptical Warmup on level 3
Side Steps - 75in each direction
Hip Rollout and Butt Muscle Massage
Butt Muscle Stretch
Swiss Ball Bridges - 15 reps with 5 sec hold
Modified Side Plank - 15 Reps
My shoulder has been getting upset by this exercise.  Next time I'm to make sure that my shoulder blades are pulled back while I'm performing it.
Bosu Squats - 20 reps with 5 sec hold
Leg Extension - 20 reps each leg
Cage Stretch
One Legged Squat and Place - 10 cones so 20 squats per leg 
Backward Lunges - 10 reps each leg
Step back into a lunge.  Then using only the front leg stand back up again.  This works the gluts.
Kneeling Leg/Arm Extension - 10 Reps each leg
The Kneeling Leg Extension was modified this week to extend the arm forward opposite the leg being extended.  It's HARD.  And I still have to keep the bar balanced on my back.

This week's workout was hard.  For the first time in a month my knee actually hurt.  And it is continuing to hurt today.  I'm a little concerned, but I know how to take care of a hurt knee and I'll do that until Wednesday when I get to go in and figure out more.

Additionally, my coccyx is still hurting.  It is strange in that I feel it all the time now.  I suspect that some of this is my own awareness.  Apparently the Butt Muscle Massage should be helping this.  I'm not really sure yet, but I'm happy to try.  At least it did feel better for the hour or two after my PT appointment.  I'm glad to get what relief I can.

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