Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Thoughts on Walking a 5K

I am 3 days from my 5K.  One of the women at work will be running it ahead of me (because I'm not running it) and told me no matter what to enjoy the experience.  "You will never have a first 5K again."


While the statement was meant to be supportive and encouraging, it really brought up a lot of apprehension for me.  I am walking into my first 5K under doctor's orders not to run.  While I set my goal at finishing a 5K and not dying, there is a competitive part of me that wants to do well in completing this goal.  Somewhere in my mind, I am an Olympic class athlete and I'll show up unknown to the 5K only to blow away the competition and take first place.

Not going to happen.

I know this.  It's not news, but it is a little hard to swallow.  My goal is to FINISH A 5K.  I will do that.  I just need to not beat myself up for quite possibly finishing it in last place.  That's the hard pill to swallow.  By not running, jogging or otherwise speeding to the finish, I may be the person to finish LAST.  Everyone will be there standing at the end waiting for the slow poke to finally get across the line.  My husband. My daughters. The other 499 registered runners.

Wow.  Check out my negative thinking.

My hope going into this is that there are a couple of others who will be walking.  That way I will have company at the back of the pack.  Additionally, my coworker has said that she is going to comeback and find me after she finishes and finish the race with me (she runs marathons, so this is completely within her range of ability).  That is very kind of her and not an offer I will refuse at this point.

I must remind myself that 3 months ago when I decided to do this, I couldn't walk a 5K.  I knew I couldn't do it.  My progress is fantastic.  My outlook is improving.  My pride just needs a little adjustment right now.

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