Thursday, August 23, 2012

A Perfect Day

Since adding two little girls to my life, perfect is a redefined word.  I have many perfect moments.  They are gleaming memories sitting atop a pile of dirty laundry, cartons of diapers and an endless rotation of dirty dishes.  Not to mention the mommy sanity timeouts.  But in all of my complaining there are awesome memories, ones I'll remember for years to come, and every once in a while I get a perfect day.

Yesterday was a perfect day.
It all started by me waking up at 6am to a quiet restful house.  My girls are visiting their grandparents for the week.  Having my house to myself and only my own schedule to maintain is such an awesome luxury.  For the first two days of this week I gave myself permission to simply exist each day, sleeping late, going to bed whenever I felt like it and making meals whenever.  I seriously debated staying in bed one more day, but it was Wednesday and I haven't missed a Wednesday at the gym since I returned to working out at the beginning of July.  I'm not giving up a 6 week streak now!

For a pleasant change of pace, my husband got up and went with me.  We exercised side by side.  It was my second day of my new 5K walking program.  A short warmup followed by fifteen minutes walking.  I walked; he jogged.  We marveled over the differences between Fox News and CNN.  That's my new hobby while in the cardio room in the gym - studying the difference between the news networks.  Following our walk, I ran us both through a PT style workout.  By the end of it, my legs were shaking and I think I might have even inspired a little awe.  He's never seen all the stuff I learned how to do.  *grin*  It was fun to show off.

Workout accomplished we hit our respective locker rooms and got ready for work.  He drove me in.  I invited him to breakfast at my usual morning stop.  I was dropped off at work with a kiss and promises of dinner plans to be emailed.

My work day was fairly typical.  I'm about 3 months into a 9 month project.  The pressure is present but motivating.  Towards the end of the day I did get a bit of a scare when an issue was discovered with one of my releases.  I didn't take it in stride at all, but I do understand what happened, presented to my manager and came up with some alternative quick workarounds.  All-in-all it was one of my better days at the office.

And then came dinner.  Mmmm.  Given that we were child-free, Hubby sent me a few options which we would not consider with the kiddos.  Having heard amazing things, we headed to Carrol's Creek.  It's a marina restaurant with outdoor seating, decadent appetizers and an overall relaxing atmosphere.  Our feast included baked brie, seafood cocktail and southwestern seasoned scallops seared and served with black bean corn salsa and a cilantro cream sauce.  So yummy and cooked just perfectly.  I'm glad the sauce wasn't available until my main entree; I would have had to try it on everything!  To top it off Hubby ordered a caramel cheesecake for us to share for dessert.  It was delicious.

I wish I'd taken a photo of all the yummy goodness we enjoyed, but alas...  I was too busy enjoying it.   At least I did manage to snap this picture.   Could the evening have been more beautiful?

After dinner, we walked around talking for a while.  As we headed home, we called our girls and attempted to say good night.  I could hear all their glee in the background, but talking to Mommy and Daddy while they are hanging at Grandma's doesn't seem to be high on their list.  Soon enough they will be back making a ruckus and inspiring simple moments of glee.  But for just one day, I had a perfect day just me and my husband.  It's not often we have moments together without our kids mixed in.  I'm so happy to have one perfect one in recent memory to add to the list.

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